Parapentes et Paramoteurs électriques

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Silence, lightness, cleaness are the first words that come to mind when we mention the electric engines,

I would add reliability, comfort and …luxury 

Because it is a privilege to fly with an electric aircraft and this dream is already shared by some elected pilots.

EXOMO Integral 0

Electric Paramotor EXOMO


The electric EXOMO pack was created to help develop an electric light aviation with reliable, practical and top technology machines.

These sets are easily mounted without modification on most chassis paramotor or microlight Solo trikes, bringing all the benefits of electric to the individuals and professionals and maintaining the specific features of their machines and their own identity.

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Electric Paramotor EXOMO shell


Power packs are designed in collaboration with Aeronature to benefit from the experience of the educational structure.

The quality of aeronautical level assemblies has already been proven with the success of the two packs EXOMO « Slalom » created for electric paramotor slalom competitions and our pilots are World Champions 2015 in this category.

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Electric Paramotor EXOMO world champions



To achieve efficient machines, every detail of the design has been studied to offer maximum endurance while providing a simple and practical use:

The carbon engine mounting (model deposited), light, resistant, allows the easy adaptation on the existing frame, it protects the electronics from the elements while allowing effective cooling with its lower vents.

The engine, compact and without reduction has been tested in the most difficult conditions, it offers reliability and exemplary power, its 15 kW are equivalent to a 20 – 25 HP gasoline engine.

Carbon propellers are from E-props, light and optimized for modulating the power with a school use two-blade propeller or a maximum thrust four-bladed propeller, then it reaches 60 Kg of thrust.

Finally the batteries from the latest Li-Ion technology that are able to deliver significant energy without overheating thanks to a special assembly.


Electric Paramotor EXOMO MACFLY



The first EXOMO is already in use for training at Aeronature and can be tried on this airfield dedicated to the electric flight !

You can find additional information on the electric pack EXOMO on our shop or on the EXOMO website.

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Electric Paramotor EXOMO up